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All in Packaging for suppliers

For packaging suppliers All In Packaging makes it easier to reach new markets and extend their business with a network of distributors. By joining and uploading their products to the system packaging suppliers can present their products on many webshops using one single platform, and reach a large number of potential buyers visiting All In Packaging each year.

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By using All In Packaging as a new sales channel for your products you can:

  • reach new markets in many countries
  • have local distibutors take care of your products
  • have customers order your products easily online
  • let customers order your products as part of complex packaging solutions
  • offer your products to a large number of potential buyers

This creates a unique opportunity for packaging suppliers. Thousands of customers can be reached by one single contact, and there is a distinguished attention of your products by the distributors. The market feedback is prompt and intense. Due to the stucture of the system, the cost of sales is staggeringly low. All sales data are prompt, transparent and well recorded. Unlike a simple online platform, the All In Packaging network offers all benefits of real-life distributors:

  • trust of customers,
  • increased local attention for the promotion of their products,
  • All In Packaginglocal product availability,
  • prompt and exact feedback.

Reaching foreign markets usually requires a lot of investments. All In Packaging is an efficient and cost-effective alternative, where suppliers can reach new markets as never before.

Adding your products to All In Packaging is easy!

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Fill in the application form below!
We will send you login details for the administration area shortly.
You can start uploading your products!
In the meantime you send us samples of your products for taking product photos and sending samples to potential buyers.
As soon as you finished uploading your products, we will review and accept them, and attach the new photos.
Your products are ready and available to thousands of potential buyers!

How much does it cost?

You can choose between 3 options, based on how many products you want to upload:

  • 1 - 10 products: 300 € per year
  • 11 - 50 products: 1200 € per year
  • 51 or more products: to be agreed

Early-bird special offer!

If you send us your application by filling in the form below before 31 August 2012, you will be able to upload your products for free!

Don't hesitate, send us your application now!

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