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Date added: 2017-03-28 Colour Psychology: Which Colour Dominates In The Packaging Industry?

Colour psychology plays an important role in our purchasing decisions. In the packaging industry, packaging colour can highly impact product sales, so choosing the right colour for your product and industry is crucial.


We know that specific industries use some colours on packaging more than others, and this is because each colour translates a particular quality, evoking certain feelings and emotions within the consumer. There’s differences in packaging colour for products aimed at men and women, but what do certain colours say about your product? Which colours dominate in particular industries, and why?


Pharmaceutical Industry

A common used on pharmaceutical product packaging is blue. Blue depicts trust, reliability and strength - the essential qualities that brands want their pharmaceutical products - often medicines - to portray. Packaging often combines blue with the colour white, which can provide a balancing backdrop.


Gardening Industry

It’s perhaps not surprising that the colour most often used in packaging for the garden industry is green. The colour of grass, trees and nature in general, packaging for gardening industry products makes use of the colour green to visually represent and symbolise the products’ purpose. Customers can instantly recognise products intended for use in the garden, so green packaging is an important marketing tool for this industry.


Household Products Industry

Balance, cleanliness, purity and safety are all associated with the colour white, and is the colour frequently used on household product bottles. White packaging can be customised with other colours and provides a neutral background for logos and brand names to look bold and stand out in a saturated industry.


Food Industry

The food industry tends to make use of reds, yellows and oranges for packaging. These are considered ‘appetising’ colours as they stimulate our taste buds, which makes us more likely to make an immediate purchase. Bold colours such as these are most likely to trigger our emotional responses - the ultimate deciding factor for most purchases. Brands in the food industry use these colours on packaging to play to our emotions - a clever tactic that can prove successful.


Cosmetics Industry

The cosmetics industry is generally aimed at the female market, although there are many items targeted at men. In this competitive industry, a myriad of colours are used for product packaging. Products for men have darker, more neutral packaging colours: blacks, blues and greys. Products for women tend to be packaged in pink and red tones, with bolder, brighter colours like these being their preferred choice.


With packaging playing such a vital role in product sales, choosing a packaging colour that evokes positive emotions and feelings towards your product and brand is an important step for success. Does your packaging colour reflect what you want it to say?