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Two very important aspects must be considered, when selecting a plastic bottle: the characteristics of the product and the appearance of the bottle. Choose a bottle primarily according to the characteristics of the plastic bottle. We have to consider if the product is sensitive to light, in which case a darker colour that doesn’t let the light through as much should be selected For acidic and corrosive products, it’s important to pay attention to the bottle’s material.

Consumer habits are also a very important consideration when picking a bottle. We need to assess whether customers prefer smaller or larger packages. This preference can vary for each product, so this is something we really have to pay attention to.

It’s definitely advantageous to choose a bottle for our product based on current trends, as it is vital that the packaging is aesthetically pleasing for future customers. A unique shape or pretty colour greatly contributes to the final product’s appearance. If we pick well, our product will easily stand out on the shop’s shelves.

Always have to consider the bottle’s technical parameters, including the neck line and its different types, which can be the cosmetic neck (when the thread running along the neck is continuous) or soft drink (when the thread running on the neck is interrupted). In the case of prefabricated PET bottles, we can also decide on the design we want, cosmetic or soft drink neck with a tear-off cap, etc.

The field of use of the final product, is also important aspect to consider when choosing a bottle. In the case of trigger sprayers it’s important that the sprayer fits ergonomically well to the bottle. It should be comfortable to hold and the trigger should be easily pulled. The trigger shouldn’t hit against the neck of the bottle. In the case of dispensing caps it’s important that the bottle is easily squeezable to provide comfortable dispensing.

Official regulations must also be considered! When selecting a packaging material for a corrosive product, both the bottle and the cap should be child-proof.