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Bottle, 43 mm, 150 ml, screw on, white, 20 g, cylindrical, HDPE, foamer

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Bottle, 24/410, 150 ml, screw on, white, HDPE

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It is important to choose the plastic bottle according to the features of the final product. Always keep in mind the light sensitiveness of the final product, in case of light sensitive products choose a darker, less transparent colour. For acidic and corrosive materials the material of the plastic bottle has to be chosen carefully.

Consumer habits are also important to consider when you choose a plastic bottle. You should find out whether smaller or larger sizes are preferred by your customers. This preference may vary from product to product.

You should also choose your plastic bottle in line with the current trends, so you can gain the visual experience of the customer. A specific form or a beautiful colour adds a lot to the outlook of the final product. If you skilfully select the packaging your product will stand out on the shelves of the stores.

Last but not least, you also have to consider the technical parameters of the bottle, like neck size and preform type in case of PET bottles.