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SET - Jar, 75ml, transparent, PET + Lid, silver, ribbed, aluminium

CODE: 103567


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SET - Jar, 70/400, 150 ml, transparent, cylindrical, PET + Cap, silver, ribbed, aluminum

CODE: 101389


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We offer a wide variety of shapes, materials, colours and volumes to best meet your needs, amongst them exclusive diamond shape jars and simple plastic cosmetic jars as well. Always consider current trends when choosing a jar.

Make sure if your products need a lid or sealing film for the cosmetic jars. They provide protection for leakages and help the end user to get an unopened product. Always keep in mind the light sensitiveness of the product and if needed, choose a darker, less transparent colour.
Pharmaceutical and food products are subject to regulations so always look after what kind of certifications are you required to hold.