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SET - Jar, 50 ml, natural, cylindrical, PP, + Cap, natural, PP + Liner, natural, PE - LAURENCE

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SET-Jar, 50 ml, transparent, square, acrylic with liner and matte silver cap

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In our product range you will find jars of various shapes, materials, volumes, and colours to suit your needs.

It’s beneficial to keep an eye on current trends when selecting a jar for a product, as one of the main considerations when picking a jar is its aesthetics. You can find a range of cosmetic and pharmaceutical jars from special diamond shapes to fairly simple shapes. When thinking about the material, jars offer the widest range: PE, PP, SAN, acrylic, aluminium, and glass jars are all very popular, and thus can all be found on our webstore. You should consider whether you need a seal or closing foil for your product. Such features will, help protect your product from dirt, or perhaps the other way around, protect nature from a potential jar leak.

Our jars are ideal for packaging different creams, lotions, face creams, cosmetic and pharmaceutical creams.