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Among our sets you will find the various product combinations that  we offer our clients as complex solutions. Some of our products with unique neck sizes can only be found in sets, as they are not compatible with other products. A big advantage of buying a set it that you don’t need to go out of your way to buy matching, connected products for your already owned products (for example: caps for bottles, or a bottle for a cap, a bottle for a trigger sprayer or vice versa, etc.), as they are available together. The risk of the items not being compatible is zero, as the items in the sets are all tested, and are normally produced to be used together.

When you buy a set, you can be sure that the paired products will be perfectly compatible with each other.

If you choose a set with a dispenser (pump, sprayer or trigger sprayer), the dip tube length will be compatible with the length of the bottle. In order to provide the dispenser in the set with a perfectly matching dip tube, we always cut the length of the dip tube to the size of the ordered bottle. This is ensured by our dip tube cutting service at no extra cost. In most cases, especially for smaller quantities, this does not lead to an increase in delivery time. However, in the case of larger quantities e.g.: order of thousands of pieces, dip tube cutting is more time-consuming, which means that a longer (1-2 weeks) production and delivery time must be calculated. 

Our different bottles and containers are combined with caps, pumps, foam pumps, sprayers, trigger sprayers, and drippers.