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Date added: 2017-03-08 Creating A Connection: Packaging For Women

When it comes to creating the perfect packaging for women, manufacturers have tried for years to understand what makes women commit to a purchase. It may seem obvious that men and women respond to things differently, but for packaging, the female-appeal is particularly important when designing for a female market. With women connecting to packaging on a much deeper level than men, how can brands capitalise on the gender difference to make packaging exclusively for women, and why is packaging for women necessary?


Why Create Packaging for Women?

The female market is booming. Women are much more likely than men to make a purchase based on gender-specific packaging, and are four times more likely than men to respond to personalised packaging, so females may be the most important target audience for brands. Creating packaging for women is a beneficial way for companies to maximise profit, and has the potential to offer a great return on investment.


In addition to women shopping for themselves, they also shop for their families, friends and significant others, with women making or influencing the majority of family purchasing decisions. This means that finding the right combination of colour, shape and size so that packaging appeals to women is especially important, given their tendency to purchase packaging based on its look and feel.


The Great Colour Divide

Colour is an important aspect of packaging for a female market. Women see, respond and emotionally connect to colours differently than men. Women prefer vivid, bright colour palettes on packaging, with manufacturers making use of colourful designs and patterns to personalise products for women. Red is said to be the female buyers favourite, and pink packaging is often used to distinguish products relating to the female market, such as cosmetics and beauty products. Choosing the right packaging colour can go a long way to guaranteeing success with packaging for women.


Attention to Detail

Women pay much more attention to detail than men, so a lot of consideration goes into creating a feminine appeal. Women prefer packaging that has appealing shape and visual characteristics but that is also functional: it needs to be easy to handle, store, open and close. Shapes that often appeal to women are curved or rounded shaped packaging. Perfume bottles and shampoo bottles are a great example of packaging designed with women in mind, making use of curved shapes to entice purchases.


A visual shape is important for the female market, but so is the ease of use. Functionality is particularly influential in attracting women to make a purchase. Packaging needs to be straightforward for it to be female-friendly, with the ability to easily open and close product packaging, as well as how easily it is held, used and stored playing a vital role in the packaging appeal and product sales success.


Packaging for women is about creating a connection. Through careful and considerate use of colour, shape and functionality, product packaging designed to appeal to a female market can be achieved, with the promise of strong sales if successfully executed.