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Date added: 2017-04-04 Customer Surveys - It’s Worth Asking Your Audience

If you’ve never conducted a customer survey before, you might be wondering whether it’s worth your time and effort to do so. The answer is yes! Customer surveys are a fantastic way to ask your customers about your product and packaging, gaining valuable insight to the thoughts and behaviours of your target market.


How Does a Customer Survey Work?

Creating a customer survey is no easy feat, but it can be a really worthwhile tool for receiving customer feedback and measuring customer satisfaction. Surveys work by asking a series of specially designed questions about your packaging that customers can respond to. Surveys can be sent out using mailing lists obtained from customer orders, for example. Survey links could also be advertised in company newsletters.


What to Ask

The questions you ask in your survey depend on what you want to find out from your customers. Key information to obtain is what they like about your packaging, and what they don’t. Examples of questions to ask include:

  • Is the packaging convenient?

  • How portable is it?

  • Is it hygienic?

  • Is the product, and the packaging, straightforward to use?


Although you may have a certain belief about your packaging, the most important point of a customer survey is asking your customers what they think. Customer feedback is vital for successful products and packaging.


How will it benefit me?

The biggest benefit to conducting customer surveys is that you’ll gain an understanding of your buyers and what they look for in their products, as well as learning whether your packaging is meeting buyer expectations and achieving what you intend it to. This first-hand feedback from your consumer base is invaluable for strengthening your market position, as you can use their responses and opinions to guide your designs and packaging decisions. You can use feedback to influence packaging overhaul and redesign, incorporating all of the aspects that customers loved, and changing the bits they didn’t. Improving packaging functionality can also improve customer satisfaction.


Customer surveys also enable you to learn about your target customers’ buying habits. You can then design your packaging around your target customer and what they look for in packaging, so that when your products reach the shelves, customers won’t be able to resist a purchase. Market research through customer surveys helps packaging manufacturers to stay ahead of the game by creating products that are built around the customer, right from the get go, making sure your products and packaging appeal to the target audience.

Companies that use customer surveys to invite customer feedback promote customer/company communication. This highlights that customers are at the forefront of design and manufacturing, building trust and reliability and making them feel valued. From customer survey responses, you have the opportunity to respond to feedback, and interacting with your customers in this way is essential for understanding buyer requirements and keeping your products relevant.


With the invaluable information you’ll gain, it’s worth taking the time to ask your customers their opinion about your packaging through the use of customer surveys.