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Foam pump

Foamer pump, 30 mm neck, FBOG 190 mm, white, 0.4 cc, actuator, transp. overcap

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Foamer pump, 43 mm, FBOG 165 mm, white actuator and collar, 0,8 ml, 150/250 mesh, transp. overcap

CODE: 102404


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On our websites we offer a wide range of foam pumps in normal and smaller sizes. In today’s world, foam pumps are considered the most economical dosing method. For example liquid soaps can be diluted with water in a ⅓ ratio to achieve the perfect foam. This offers a longer use of the product.

It’s important to consider the foam pump’s technical parameters. Due to its unique neck size, most often the foam pump can only be paired with foam bottles. The product is pushed through the large, wide piston, which also mixes in air, thus creating foam. The viscosity of the product greatly influences the foam pump’s proper dispensing. It’s a common mistake to want to foam a too thick product, as the foam pump may be unable to properly work with and dispense it. Pay attention to the correct neck size and stem length, and consider whether the product requires a protective cap or not.