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It’s important to primarily pick a dispensing pump based on the product’s characteristics, for example if it can come in contact with filler metal. If not, we should pick an external spring pump. The pump’s dispensing should also be decided based on the product’s characteristics, taking into consideration especially  the viscosity of the product dispensed. Most manufacturers provide the pump’s dispensing in millimeters or in (cc), namely cubic centimeters. It is advisable to test to see if the selected pump dispenses properly: does it have to be pumped more than once, or does it provide the required amount with one comfortable pump. It’s advisable to always pick a larger dosed dispenser.

It’s advantageous to pick a dispenser for your product based on current trends, as it’s very important that the packaging is aesthetically pleasing for the end customers. On our websites you can find a variety of dispensers in different shapes and colours. It’s also important that the pump matches to the rest of the packaging elements, especially with the bottle and the label.

It’s also important to pay attention to the pump’s technical parameters. Keep an eye on the right size for the neck and the stem length, and consider whether it needs further safety features, such as foil or a clip.

Due to the different areas of applications, the actuators of the pumps show a varied picture. These don’t just provide a unique look for the pump, but they also allow them to function even better. For the dispersion of smaller amounts of cosmetic products the serum pumps fitted with protective caps are ideal.

Jug pumps form a separate category. Such pumps aren’t fitted with threaded closures, but their design allows them to be used with any cap.