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Fine mist sprayer, DIN18, FBOG 118 mm, white, 0,12 cc, transp., cap, tamper evident, for glass neck

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Fine Mist Sprayer, 24/410, FBOG 190 mm, white, ribbed, dosage 0,18 cc, with transparent PP overcap

CODE: 105190


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It’s important to pick a sprayer based primarily on the product’s characteristics. For acidic and corrosive materials it’s especially important to pick the right material and seal. We must always consider the product’s viscosity as well, because this really affects the achievement of ideal spraying. Among what we offer you can find sprayers, from the newest, high quality, ribbed, or smooth-walled sprayers to the unique, aluminium cladding sprayers.

It’s beneficial to keep an eye on current trends and make sure that the colour of the sprayer matches to the colour of the bottle.

It is also important to consider the technical parameters of the trigger sprayer. Watch out for the right sized neck and stem length. We should also consider whether or not  we need a protective cap for the sprayer.

Among our products you can find sprayers for cosmetic, household-chemical, and pharmaceutical applications. The different application methods require special sprayers, for example nose sprays, two-way, external spring design.