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It’s important to pick a trigger sprayer based primarily on the product’s characteristics. We have to decide whether we need the trigger sprayer to form foam or not. We also have to consider what kind of spraying we require: do we need to spray in a narrow or wider beam, or perhaps the product should shoot out or foam. For acidic and corrosive materials it’s especially important to pick the right material and seal. We always have to consider the product’s viscosity as well.

We offer numerous trigger sprayers in different types, sizes, and shapes on our website. You can pick from normal-, mini- or industrial sprayers. It’s good if you keep an eye on current trends, but it’s even more important that the colour of the sprayer matches with the colour of the bottle.

It is also important to consider the technical parameters of the trigger sprayer. Watch out for the right sized neck and stem length, and consider whether or not it requires child proofing. The child lock on trigger sprayers can be placed on the nose, neck, or a clip under the trigger.

The product sprayed with the trigger sprayer might not be allowed to come in contact with metal. In this case choose a TS03, APTP, or our ULTIMA trigger sprayers! These types are only equipped with plastic parts. This is also beneficial when recycling.