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Date added: 2017-03-30 Improve Shelf Life and Storage Space With Vacuum Packaging

Packaging manufacturers are constantly looking for packaging that maximises their product appeal and efficiency, offering enhanced functionality. Vacuum packaging is a simple yet effective way to save space, reduce bulk and extend product shelf life. Ideal for preserving food products, as well as reducing storage space, vacuum packaging works by placing products inside a plastic film package, removing the air and sealing the package.


The Vacuum Packaging Method

Vacuum packaging is a method of packaging that removes air from a package prior to it being sealed. Vacuum chamber machines are used for the process, along with special vacuum bags made from a combination of polyethylene and nylon materials for strength, sealability and to prevent air from penetrating the bag over time. The entire product is placed inside the machine and the lid is then closed and all the air removed. A heat seal inside the chamber then seals the vacuum bag, and the chamber refills with air through an automatic opening of a vent, which squeezes all remaining air from the bag. Both single and double chamber vacuum packaging machines can be used.


Extend Shelf Life

Often used by manufacturers as a way of extending the shelf life of perishable foods, vacuum packaging is a popular packaging method for a range of products, including meat, fish and cheese, as well as nuts and dried fruit. So how exactly does vacuum packaging preserve food products? It achieves this by removing all air from the package, limiting the growth of bacteria. This means that until the package is opened, the products maintain their original state. Products stay fresher for longer as there is no oxygen to interact with the food. The shelf life is extended even further when using vacuum packaging for freezer storage. As well as helping to prevent freezer burn, food products such as meat that are stored in vacuum bags in the freezer can last much longer, helping you to plan ahead and reduce food waste.


Improve Storage Space

As well as packaging food, vacuum packaging can be used to reduce the size of non-food items such as clothing, bedding and towels, and is a popular packaging method among consumers due to how much space can be saved in your home. Space is reduced and storage improved as fabrics are compressed to a much smaller volume when the air is removed from the vacuum bag they are stored in. As a result, the size of space needed for storage is  The need for a machine is removed when packaging items at home for storage, as you can use a standard household vacuum to remove air from the plastic vacuum bags, proving a simple and cost-effective storage option. Vacuum packaged bags can be used in place of suitcases when travelling by can, as well as general clothes and bedding storage at home. Vacuum packaging can also be a great option for storing pet bedding in a compact and organised way, freeing up valuable space in your home.


For companies interested in using vacuum packaging to benefit their products, why not consider purchasing a vacuum packaging machine? At All In Packaging we have a wide selection of desktop vacuum packaging machines on offer, with various sizes to choose from to best suit your packaging needs. With short processing times and effective protection, vacuum packaging is an ideal solution for packaging perishable food products and for saving space.