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Date added: 2017-03-07 Luxury Designs And Unique Packaging

Glass and plastic: two fantastic materials that each represent differing markets. Although both are great forms of packaging, particular features that make them best suited to particular industries, evoking certain qualities in a product and appealing to different target markets. The cosmetics industry favours packaging that affords products a unique and luxurious feel, and one such example is glass jars.


Glass is synonymous with luxury products. It’s not hard to see why: elegant, stylish, long lasting and valuable, glass packaging is a reflection of luxury product features and can improve and enhance the quality and appearance of products, making them more visually appealing on the shelf. The stylish transparency of glass aids in the marketing of a product, and its appearance is particularly vital for success in the perfume industry.


The Perfume Predicament

Perfumes, unlike other products, are usually sold based on packaging alone. Many consumers purchase perfumes based on attractive packaging rather than the actual fragrance; in an extremely competitive market, this places even higher importance on the role of the glass packaging to attract customers and induce sales. The rise in customers gravitating towards original designs and unconventional shaped bottles means that perfumes stored in glass containers must be eye catching and demonstrate quality to stand out from the crowd. Plenty of innovation and creativity is required in designing luxurious perfume bottles; today, this is made possible through customised, unique designs.


Unique Designs with 3D Printing

Designers are now capable of creating customised shapes and designs for packaging: progressing technology and the rise of 3D printing has led to affordable ways to produce custom designs and fully customised packaging for luxury designs, in both small and large quantities. This opens up all sorts of doors for packaging design possibilities, and is transforming the packaging industry.


Nordtek’s latest services include customised packaging. Covering the entire design process, from sketches to 3D prototypes to the final product, Nordtek’s customised packaging services include design, label printing and 3D printing, allowing you to create completely unique designs that will distinguish your products from others available, offering something individual and personalised to the customer. The customised packaging service allows us to deliver to you a fully customised product that differs from other packaging. For industries relying on unique designs to attract attention for sales, such as the perfume industry, customised packaging is a complete game changer.


Nordtek’s customised packaging service enables you to use original, luxury designs to create high quality, unique products at affordable prices. Take a look at our design services to see how we can help you turn your ideas into reality.