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Date added: 2017-05-04 More than Just Packaging: Unique Packaging Ideas

Packaging can sometimes be more than just packaging, and the novelty of interesting packaging can draw both consumer and media attention. If the packaging has a life that extends beyond its utility and use, multiple benefits in brand loyalty and sales can be seen. At little or no extra cost, unique packaging can enhance the value of the product, as well as create buzz with consumers.


Most people, at one point in their lives, have transformed a wine bottle into a candle holder. But what else can be done to encourage secondary uses of packaging? Creative marketers are making wine labels with mazes on them or connect-the-dots designs and encouraging consumers to interact with the packaging by drawing on it. Pizza boxes are perforated to make slice-sized plates, and cereal boxes can be cut out to make paper airplanes. Porcelain-packaged cleaning products are designed to get re-used as vases. This type of novel, fun activity allows the consumer to interact with the product in a way that stimulates the imagination, and thus forms a bond with the product.


Unique packaging can be accomplished by creating small, inexpensive changes, like using perforations or leaving usable blank spaces on labels. Extra material can be added, like a crayon or instructions on how to recycle the packaging into something useful, differentiating the product from similar ones on the store shelf. Playfulness, novelty, and creativity go a long way when appealing to buyers who are bombarded with choice.


One great advantage to unique packaging is that, if the idea is compelling enough, the consumer will keep the packaging around long after the product has run out. This transforms the label and brand into part of their daily experience, creating an attachment and loyalty to the product. People will attribute the sense of ‘fun’ and ‘usefulness’ to the product itself, which only enhances that product’s appeal next time they shop. Moreover, reusable packaging is eco-friendly and may keep the package out of the landfill. Getting creative with packaging benefits everybody.