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Date added: 2017-04-12 Packaging For Children

Children taking a fancy to products they see on the shelves is something many parents dread - often meaning having to say no to a child with their heart set on something - but it’s a packaging manufacturer’s dream.


Packaging for children is an unusual market as the target customer - the child - is rarely the one making the purchase. As most children don’t have their own money, parents will buy the product for their child, meaning packaging for children has a unique task of appealing to both the adult and the child. The primary target, however, is the child, because they’re the ones that will pester the parents into purchasing the product for them. Attracting a child’s attention is the initial goal for packaging.


Enticing the Child

When it comes to appealing to children, packaging design is more important than functionality. Packaging that triggers an emotional response in the child is hugely successful. An emotional response to packaging is important, as this is what stimulates a purchase. This can be achieved by engaging a child’s senses to encourage interaction with the product - and the more interactive and engaging your product packaging is, the more it’ll stand out from the other products available. Packaging that is colourful and covered in fun and exciting drawings does best at attracting children. Linking your packaging to TV characters or popular children’s films is a great way to capture a child’s attention in-store, and combining this with a packaging design that shows off the entire product can trigger a child’s imagination and make your products irresistible. Capturing a child’s attention is the first stage to successful packaging, but just as important is making the packaging appeal to the parent.  


Enticing the Parent

For parents - the ones actually purchasing products for their child - it’s vital that packaging doesn’t just look fun, but will also be functional and useful for their child. This is the second purpose of the packaging: as well as drawing children to it through gimmicky designs, it needs to show its value to the parent as something that will benefit the child. An example of how to achieve this is packaging that keeps the target user in mind, such as bottles with push pull caps. Push pull caps in a variety of colours are the preferred choice for children’s bottles, as they are much easier for children to drink from. Parents will be attracted to the functional aspect of the bottle, whilst a fun design will make it desirable to children. Packaging that triggers an emotional response in the parent as well as the child is much more likely to succeed, as parents will be happier to make a purchase knowing the product is useful.


Packaging for children requires careful, strategic planning. The packaging needs to connect to kids and parents alike, appealing to a child’s imagination and impulses through visually captivating designs, whilst also offering practicality to the parent. This interesting market offers manufacturers the opportunity to combine exciting and colourful designs with innovative and functional packaging. Browse our range of high quality packaging products and see how you can make your packaging for children please a tough crowd!