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Date added: 2017-05-02 Packaging Pro Tip: Targeting Different Markets with Different Packaging

Consumers come in all shapes and sizes, so it makes sense that they will be attracted to different shapes and sizes of packaging. Research shows that genders and ages respond to different aspects of packaging, so it only makes sense to customize how the product is packaged to maximize its appeal to different types of consumer.


How can packaging help specifically? Let’s start with children, who home in on whimsical illustrations and bright colors. When targeting the children’s market, ‘child-size’ versions of products with labels that engage the imagination will go a long way in capturing their attention. Children are actually very brand loyal, and illustrated cartoon characters that represent the brand will keep them engaged and requesting the product from their parents.


Women also have unique attractors, and should never be ignored in packaging decisions. Studies show that women make around 85 percent of family purchases, and respond to bold colors and design details like text and the shape of the packaging. Women, particularly if shopping for the family, are attracted to packaging that conveys a sense of authenticity and wholesomeness.


Men, research reveals, look for packaging that is more straightforward, uncomplicated, and easy to use. They also like bold colors, as well as more neutral colors like gray and black, with straightforward labeling.


In some cases, it may make sense to use the same container type, but with different labels, or conversely, in the case of items like breakfast cereal, use the same illustrations but vary the package size, as studies have shown children like the individual single-serving size boxes.


If budgeting allows, it may be beneficial to even manufacture the product with different ingredients to appeal to gender and age preferences. It is proven that women like more floral and sweet fragrances, while men ere towards unscented items or citrus, spice, and woodier fragrances. Children, of course, like sweet things.


Because segments of society naturally have different needs, cravings, and attractors, savvy marketers and producers use different sizes and labels when selling to different customer bases. It’s all a matter of finding the right fit.