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Date added: 2017-04-07 Perfect Your Perfume Bottles

Spring is in the air, and with it comes the promise of warmer weather. Heat makes all sorts of smells become more intense - perfect for spritzing our favourite scents, and giving the perfume industry the opportunity to really excel as fragrances linger for longer and become more powerful. The upcoming spring/summer season is the ideal time to focus on your perfume bottle packaging design.


Summer scents often reflect fun and floral flavours, and their packaging needs to be the first indicator of this. Your perfume bottle design is your main opportunity to sell your product. Attractive packaging is a vital marketing tool for perfume - perhaps more important than the actual fragrance. Eye-catching perfume bottles can really boost product sales. Our range of modern perfume bottle designs are the ideal packaging for showing off any scent.


Unusual Packaging Stands Out

Many customers buy perfumes without first testing the fragrance, the design of the packaging alone being enough to ensure a purchase – that’s how influential a great perfume packaging design can be. Customers tend to look for unusual/unconventional shapes that offer a sense of exclusivity, which is what our designs can offer. Our perfume bottles are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, creating unique and enticing packaging that stands out from surrounding products. There’s something to suit every fragrance.


Glass is Glamorous

Glass perfume bottles are the classic and elegant choice. They ooze sophistication, enhancing the shelf appeal of perfume. But glass is also chosen for its composition. As a material, it’s impermeable, making it a great, protective barrier for delicate perfumes. Glass enables a perfume to retain its fine balance of scents which have been carefully selected and combined to give a specific fragrance when applied to skin. Using glass perfume bottles ensures this key selling point is maintained, so glass not only looks fantastic, but keeps perfumes in peak condition.


Something to Suit Everyone

The range of sizes means there’s a perfume bottle for every situation. Standard sizes are a great addition to a beauty stand or bedside table, whereas small sized bottles are extremely portable and fit easily into purses and hand bags. For an even more lightweight option, our perfume to go option is a smart choice that takes up very little room - even fitting into a pocket!


New seasons call for new products to keep up with the latest trends. Why not refresh your brand with new perfume bottle packaging for an updated product range? Alternatively, you can start your perfume business from scratch with the help of our exciting perfume bottle products. You can browse our full perfume bottle range for inspiration, or learn how our custom design service could help set you apart.