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Perfume to Go

Introducing a whole new way to spray: Just pump, stow, and go.


Loved. We know your favorite scent is already perfect. Perfume to Go has been elegantly and intelligently designed to allow you simple access to your favorite product anywhere, anytime.
On Demand. Everyday there’s a moment where a quick refresh of scent seems essential, but is impossible without carrying a cumbersome bottle. Whether it’s before a meeting or after a midday workout, Perfume to Go is the convenient solution.
Travel-friendly. Bringing your preferred bottle of perfume on the plane is no longer possible due to travel-size regulations. We have an easy solution for that: if you have space for a tube of lipstick, you can easily fit your Perfume to Go.
Secure. Losing your expensive bottle of perfume is disappointing. Having it stolen feels even worse. Since Perfume to Go is just a fraction of the price of a typical perfume, be fearless carrying around your scent. It’s safe and secure right when you need it.
Durable. Glass is beautiful with its curvatures and soft colors, but it’s also fragile. To make matters worse, dropping a perfume bottle on the atomizer can also leave it severely damaged. Luckily, Perfume to Go is as strong as it is stylish. Spray dangerously.
Eco-friendly. Loving the environment isn’t just a trend, it’s a reality. That’s why Perfume to Go works free of dangerous aerosols and utilizes recyclable materials whenever possible. 
Perfume to Go is now as polished as the bottle of your favorite scent
Remove the spray top from your bottle
Insert the Perfume to Go on the bottle’s atomizer
Gently pump to fill the Perfume to Go reservoir
Remove from the bottle and return the spray top
Perfume to Go: the beauty of convenience. Get yours here today!