We only accept domestic shipping addresses from our UK web store. Based on your location we recommend to choose from the following online stores
[email protected] +44 140 388 7124

Shipping UK


  • Standard delivery: It takes about 14-28 days for your order to be delivered (See the prices below.) No additional costs!


  • Express delivery: Less than 14-28 days. Express couriers includes higher shipping costs and additional charges. Please contact us for more information.


Important notice - COVID-19!
Please note that the delivery times on this website are valid for normal operation. The extraordinary situation created by the coronavirus outbreak and additional restrictions imposed on international freight traffic occure longer delivery times.


We can offer you free shipping if the net value of your order is more than £210. The system calculates free shipping automatically on items with the normal price when you put it into the cart. 



Please note! Our warehouse is in Hungary. Address: 474 Pesti street, Budapest 1171 Hungary.

Nordtek Packaging Ltd and it’s All In Packaging® web shops operate all over Europe, whilst our warehouse is strategically situated in Central Europe, enabling us to provide you with high quality items at competitive prices.

You will receive information about transport costs on the checkout page when you are placing your order, as well as in the confirmation of your order, and in the invoice too. 

Please bear in mind that it is the volume of the delivered package which determines the transportation costs, and also includes the packaging in addition to the products ordered! In case of high-volume products (e.g. bottles, cans etc.) the shipping costs will be calculated based on volumetric weight which may be higher than the actual weight of the products.

One box can be up to 38 kg for courier services. If your order weight is above 38 kg, you will get your goods in 2 or 3 boxes.

If you want us to deliver your products to a location outside of the EU, please place your order on the allinpackaging.eu store or contact us if the delivery address is outside of the European Union.

Please bear in mind that the delivery terms for economical delivery are informative!

For orders above 114 kg please request an individual quote from our merchants.

Please contact our merchants if you have any shipping related questions.