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Date added: 2017-03-15 Strategies For Successful Packaging

Packaging sells. The ultimate purchasing decision, however, is often unpredictable and depends on a number of factors, including the packaging of similar products, functionalities, price and customer expectations.


Packaging sales largely depend on how similar products on the same shelf are packaged – if your product packaging looks better, has value and offers competitive pricing, you certainly have an advantage. However, strategies play a very important role in the success of packaging and sales of a product. A product might have the best packaging, but if it is not well-displayed or advertised, the entire packaging effort goes to waste. Strategies for successful packaging therefore play a major role in the sales and success of a product.


What are the Strategies for Successful Packaging?


Try Something Different

If you want your product to stand out from everything around it, you need to break convention for something new that hasn’t been tried before. Changes can be made to the shape of the packaging, which can make a huge difference to product appearance. The shape of a product is the first thing the human eye recognises, so unique packaging shape is a smart strategy to pursue.



Simplicity Helps

Good packaging doesn’t necessarily mean a riot of colours or information overload. Simplicity can actually benefit your product, but the trick is to strike the right balance of simple yet attractive packaging. Including too many colours, images or information might actually confuse your buyers, as it can be difficult to find specific product information. Keep the packaging straightforward, eye-catching and functional for a successful strategy.


Add Personality

If you are trying to build your brand authenticity, you need to add a strong personality to your product. Your packaging should have an entity of its own. The use of smart and specialised imagery and language can actually help to build an engaging story. It’s not just about stating product facts; it’s about adding individuality to the packaging and this can be a great strategy for making your products memorable.

Products Should Stand Out

This should always be an important packaging strategy. Packaging companies need to realise that all products are competing with each other for the few seconds of customer attention. When a customer visits any supermarket, there will usually be several products in the same category, offering identical benefits and mostly in the same price range. How will you ensure that your product stands out? Market research and analysis is needed to understand what catches customer attention, and your strategy should focus on helping your product to be noticed and stand out amongst the scores of products on display.


Feel-Good Effect

The feel-good effect is a crucial aspect that should not be overlooked. In today’s society, products that make us feel positive when we look at them are usually successful. Does your packaging look and feel good? Does the packaging invoke memories of something nice or remind you of something that brings a smile to your face? If so, your packaging definitely has a positive effect and this is going to benefit your business.


We need to remember that packaging strategies are largely dependent on the type of product that you have, as well as your competitor products, too. The market your product will be sold in can also play an important part in strategy formulation. One thing is certain, however, and that’s the fact that all successful packaging is preceded by a carefully considered strategy.