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Date added: 2017-04-28 The Advantages of Glass Polymer Sprayers

While glass has traditionally been used as the material of choice for sprayer-type containers, increasingly, producers of body scents and other spray-able liquids are coming to appreciate the benefits of using glass polymer containers. Consumers often can’t distinguish glass polymer from glass on sight, but insiders know glass polymer sprayers have many advantages when looking for the right choice of packaging for so many liquids.

Foremost, even though they are a type of plastic, glass polymer sprayers look like glass. Glass is a classic, timeless material. Glass is ‘warm’ and can be a desirable object in of itself; consumer products just look more valuable when packaged in glass. But glass is – as everybody knows – highly breakable. That’s where glass polymer is so advantageous. More durable than glass, glass polymer is ideal for products like perfumes, where breakage can cause huge problems, both in shipping and for the end user (nobody wants broken glass leaking pungent perfume at the bottom of their purse or bag).

Equally important, glass polymer is lighter weight than traditional glass packaging. This is important for a few reasons. For one thing, the lighter material makes it less expensive and easier to ship. But the end user also sees benefits here, as the product is also easier to carry, thus more portable. More-over, it will increase usage if the consumer can easily carry the product around.  

Another advantage to glass polymer sprays is that the packaging is elegant. The glass-like material is simply pleasing to look at. Glass is naturally attractive, and research shows that consumers tend to value products that come in glass more highly than they do paper or traditional plastic packaging. And if the glass polymer sprayer is transparent, it will highlight the natural attractiveness of the product it contains.

While glass has reigned supreme for elegant, attractive packaging, producers are coming to appreciate the advantages of using glass polymer in spray containers. You get the best of both worlds in terms of aesthetics, but also get the durability and ease of transport of plastics. This makes for an ideal solution that will please everybody.