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Date added: 2017-05-09 The Advantages of Pump Dispensers for High Viscosity Products

Before beginning, it is best to have a clear understanding of what exactly viscosity is. In the most simple terms, it is a measure of a fluid’s resistance to flow. So if you punched a hole in a styrofoam cup, then poured syrup into the cup, the syrup would drip from the hole at a slow rate, as syrup is a high viscosity liquid. Milk, on the other hand, would drip quickly, as it is a low viscosity liquid.


When dealing with high viscosity liquids that are not easy to extract, pump dispensers have proven to be an ideal solution. The pump action takes away the mess associated with so many high viscosity liquids like honey and food condiments. Everybody is familiar with sticky countertops from high viscosity foods, a problem that is almost all but eliminated by packaging the product in a pump dispenser.


Products with high viscosity that are conveniently dispensed through a pump dispenser would include edible products like honey, mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard, salad dressings, and other sauces. Personal care and beauty products also benefit from being packaged in pump dispensers, items like hand and body lotion, hand sanitizer, and liquid soap.


Moreover, there is an ease of use inherent in the pump dispenser. Unlike a jar, the liquid can be obtained with one hand, freeing the other hand up. This is a convenience when holding food items, or when the liquid, for example a lotion, gets applied directly to the second hand.


Not only are pump dispensers convenient to use, they also make it easy to control the portion of the high viscosity liquid you need. A simple pump action extracts an unmessy, evenly measured amount, which cannot be said when using a spoon or squirting from a tube. A further advantage is that pump dispensers in many cases are reusable.


Pump dispensers give simple solutions to sometimes messy problems. Have a look at our All In Packaging selection of pump dispensers and take advantage of everything they have to offer!