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Date added: 2016-11-22 Top Reasons To Carry Small Empty Bottles When Traveling

We all carry a few essentials with us when travelling, and bottles are one example of an item that we normally don’t go without, with the primary purpose being for carrying water, juice and other beverages. Despite the usual availability of drinks for purchase, carrying your own with you when travelling is both easy and convenient. Made using glass or plastic, and available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours, bottles can be transported to meet our needs.


It’s not uncommon to see someone carrying an empty bottle – typically the plastic variety – with them when travelling, but you may wonder what the purpose of these empty bottles is, and why they might be needed. In reality, there are numerous advantages to carrying empty bottles, in particular how convenient and functional they are. Here are some of the main reasons to carry small empty bottles with you when travelling.


1. Storage

One of the main reasons for carrying empty bottles is storage – they allow you to store beverages such as water or juice. If you are carrying your own drink, you don’t have to worry about the availability of beverages, and hygiene concerns are removed as you know where the bottle has come from, which is ideal if you’re travelling with children. Plastic bottles or glass bottles come in various sizes and are perfect for storing drinks on the go.




2. Carry Small Portions

Small empty bottles help you to take small quantities of liquid with you. If you’re going away for just a short weekend trip, but can’t be without your favourite condiments, small, empty bottles are a great solution. Instead of taking a large, full bottle with you, simply transfer enough for the weekend into an empty bottle and take it with you. A great way of preventing waste and saving money, small and empty bottles enable you to easily transport specific amounts of your favourite products.


3. Transport Medicine Conveniently

Another great reason for carrying empty bottles with you is that they are ideal for storing medicine. Rather than carrying a heavy bottle of liquid with you for the day, just pour the right amount of tablets or syrup into an empty bottle and you’re good to go. As these bottles are small, they’re a perfect, portable size for handbags, and have tight lids to keep medicine in good condition, too.


4. Great Packaging Material

On top of being convenient, small empty bottles make great packaging material. Strong and usually lightweight, once they’ve fulfilled their initial purpose, these bottles can be reused after a quick rinse through. They can also act as a replacement for a bottle you’re already carrying. Although bottles are highly durable, sometimes replacements are necessary, so having a backup empty bottle is a good way to plan ahead. If you’re travelling on a particularly warm day, having an extra bottle to fill up with water if needed is advantageous.


Small bottles in various materials are available online from the All In Packaging web shop. If you’re looking for a better way to store and carry your liquids when travelling, you’ll find the perfect solution with a small bottle.