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Best wholesale price


  • Quantity is based on full container load
  • 30% deposit upon ordering, balance payment against documents
  • After arrival, goods are collected in our warehouse within 7 working days
  • Delivery for other location is up for consultation

Displayed wholesale prices are intended to be used as an indication only. These prices are not official offers from All In Packaging and Nordtek. Prices that you actually receive will depend on the USD/EUR/GBP rates, raw materials’ prices, shipping methods and other conditions of your order.

Why choose All In Packaging?

  • 20 years of experience in global sourcing
  • You can spare efforts and eliminate risks buying from a European specialist instead of directly dealing with Asian or US suppliers
  • We can offer the same or better prices than direct overseas suppliers because of the handled large quantities
  • Thousands of products in one place
  • All In Packaging is available in over 10 different languages, with local offices in many countries providing native speaking customer support


What does All In Packaging web store offer to customers buying in big quantities?

The solutions of  All In Packaging offer such benefits for big quantity purchasers that make procurement significantly easier, reduce its costs and the time spent on it. 

Currently existing online and offline opportunities have the same disadvantage: each partner's offers have to be searched through one by one, you have to request an offer from several partners separately. However, in the system of All In Packaging you can find an offer from several manufacturers and vendors in one place and you can select from the available stocks of our joint partners. With that the process becomes much simpler since you can find products of all of our partners, detailed product information and availability data in one place, and you can ask for a quotation for the selected products immediately, you do not have to contact our partners respectively!


All In Packaging web store is a retail warehouse and a wholesale show room.

You can order up to 5,000 items from the available stocks immediately by a few clicks. The real-time stock information and the detailed product descriptions assure that customers can order the most suitable product and we fulfill their orders from the stock immediately. However, the prices displayed on our website are only for retail sales, in case of an order above 5,000 items we offer a significantly more favourable special price for each of our customers.

If you would like to order a wholesale quantity All In Packaging offers You even three favourable options:

You can request for a special price quotation above 5,000 items. In this case our sales representatives send You a customised price quotation with very reasonable prices and inform You about the delivery terms and deadlines.


You have an opportunity to submit a contractual order.

In this case the delivery will be not from the stock, but from production and with longer lead time. Within a contractual order we undertake to meet your continuous demand. The greatest benefit of a contractual order is that in exchange for longer lead time you can get the requested products cheaper than with all the other options.


In our web store you can access both the standard and the discounted stocks of our partners. 

You can find information on their stock  in one place and according to a special offer you can buy products at particularly favourable prices. The standard and discounted stocks of our partners appear in our system as external inventories. Items manufactured continuously are marked as "continuously provided supply". The continuous supply of the discounted stocks is not guaranteed, therefore their pricing is extremely advantageous.